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Coronavirus – Useful links

If you are concerned about the effects coronavirus may have on your health, we have included below, a produced list that may provide you with the advice that you need.

We fully understand that this is a worrying time and our patients have lots of questions but it is putting a phenomenal demand on our phone lines, we like everyone else are being led by the guidance that is released daily. Our reception team are working tirelessly round the clock to answer calls as quickly as possible but they are unable to give condition specific covid-19 advice.

General NHS advice

Pituitary/ adrenal insufficiency

Underlying lung disease

People with Asthma

People with Diabetes

People affected by Stroke

Pregnant women

Children/young people T1 diabetes

People with Heart/circulatory disease

Older people

Young people with anxiety

Adults with anxiety

People with Rheumatoid Arthritis

People with cancer

People with inflammatory bowel disease

People with Parkinson’s disease

People with Multiple Sclerosis

People with liver disease and liver transplant

People with kidney disease including dialysis

People with epilepsy

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