Northbrook Group Practice

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Family Planning

We run a dedicated sexual health clinic on Monday afternoons. If you would like advice into your current method of contraceptive or would like to discuss a new method, please ask to be booked into Kate’s clinic. We offer coil insertion and implants. We strongly encourage all of our post-natal ladies to see Kate following their post-natal check with the GP.

Antenatal Care

Trisha Seymour has been our dedicated midwife at the surgery for over 20 years. Trish offers weekly clinics on Monday and Wednesdays.

Please remember to bring your green book and a urine sample to your appointment.

Mother and Baby

We see all post-natal ladies and newborns at 8 weeks. You will be contacted personally by your health visiting team shortly after the birth of your baby. All child health surveillance checks are carried out by your health visitor.


Routine immunisations and travel vaccinations for all ages are available at the surgery.

For Travel vaccination, please check your vaccination requirements online at:  or


Respiratory Clinics

Check-ups and advice are available from practice nurses in relation to your respiratory condition.


Diabetic Clinic

Doctor lead clinics covering all aspects of diabetic care.



We offer twice weekly phlebotomy clinics at the surgery on Tuesdays and Fridays, this is in addition to the drop-in service available at Solihull Hospital.


Minor Surgery

Please contact our reception to find out more details.

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